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xFlow! is a gallery application that has been built to answer the internet's demand for a fully functional Coverflow style gallery, that isn't written in Flash or jQuery.

Written in pure PHP and Javascript, it's a breeze to setup and administer, and boasts a wealth of features…

  • Main features:

  • Creates all thumbnails in PHP to reduce overall Javascript memory requirement (other galleries use Javascript image reflection scripts)
  • Items are aligned in a curved plain to aid perspective affect
  • Items psuedo fade as they move back out of focus
  • Galleries are housed in their own directories for SEO enhancement
  • Each gallery is controlled by an XML file in RSS format to enable linking and following of individual galleries by RSS subscription (example)
  • Import Flickr photo streams
  • Import YouTube video streams
  • A 'sitemap' file is produced (example) using the recognised sitemaps.org protocol for enhanced SEO purposes
  • Images can be watermarked during upload process to make image theft more difficult, and to promote your own work
  • Apply image effects (Sepia, Greyscale) to images
  • Images can be resized during upload
  • Images can be rotated during upload
  • Images or videos can be uploaded from a local source (your machine/device) or a remote location (another website)
  • Other galleries can be displayed as tiny thumbnails or standard links at the bottom
  • Automatically creates a unique favicon for each gallery
  • Built in custom image viewer (NOT Lightbox!)
  • Display items in first to last or last to first order
  • Mouse wheel support in gallery and viewer
  • Lazy loading (preloading) of main images in the background for slick image browsing
  • Individual titles and descriptions for all items
  • Items can be shifted around until you get the order you want
  • Fully customisable gallery options per individual gallery
  • Automaticalley create a gallery from an uploaded ZIP archive of images & videos
  • Automaticalley create a gallery from a directory of images or videos, or a combination of both
  • Language support
  • Easy to re-style with a single style sheet
  • Supports GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats
  • Supports Flash Video (FLV) video format
  • Incorporates CSS3 features for perspective in galleries
  • Bonus features:

  • xFlow! validates to XHTML 1.0 STRICT
  • xFlow! is compatible with the latest browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  • xFlow! is built to the latest W3C standards

Download xFlow! v 2.8

“I know you hate paying for things (I do too), and that everything on the web should be freely available, but xFlow! has had a lot of time and effort put into it so I have decided to ask for a small renumeration in return for it's unlimited use. I sincerely hope that this will not disuade you from dowloading and using xFlow! for your own projects”

“Once you have completed the payment process (via PayPal), you should be taken to a page when you can download a ZIP archive of the xFlow! files, ready for installation within your own website. Included in the archive are detailed instructions on how to use xFlow!”

“I sincerely hope that xFlow! fulfills your needs as a gallery, and I look forward to hearing about it.”

Many thanks and best regards,

Paul Whitrow

Example Administration Screens

xFlow! screen shot xFlow! screen shot xFlow! screen shot xFlow! screen shot

Latest Forum Posts


I'm sorry to say that the forum will no longer be available. I have tried PHPBB, SMF, and several other 'off the shelf' forums for you to use, but within hours ALL have been hacked and filled with rubbish. However, I will get around to making my own forum and using that instead.

I apologise for any problems this may cause, but you can still leave feedback/repoprt problems via the original xFlow! blog post.

Testiminials from xFlow! customers

“xFlow! is a very nice clean and fast photo gallery with some very nice tweakable options to get just the right look, support from Paul was great also, definately worth the money I paid for it.”
“Just have to say it's a very flexible, easy to 'embed' piece of marvellous software code, with a slick modern feel and look. All my highest compliments, because it's hard to find quality (cheap) code to use, between the hundreds and thousands out there.”
Keith Morrell:
“Great script, easy to install and customize. Easy to fit into any template and alter. Has saved me so much time and has so many neat features such as video upload, zip archive upload, flickr and the fact its not flashed based is also a bonus for SEO.”
Devante Vargas:
“Thanks Paul for developing an amazingly simple to use image gallery that simply takes your breath away. Within minutes of receiving the zipped up files, I was up and running and creating a demo gallery. I added 3 galleries with several images in each, with descriptions, titles, and placed them in the order I wanted the images to appear in, with such relative ease. in the all the years I have been in I.T and developing websites here and there, this has to be one of the best I've seen.”
Peter Sutton Fitzgibbon:
“We have just bought this software to use as a display for our clients portfolio and have installed it on our new home page (currently not launched temp UR http://www.webpagedesign.ie) We are delighted with the result and the ease of use, we tried various others but they either didn't work as well, didn't flow as good or didn't work cross browser. Well done Paul!”
Kenji Doshida:
“Hi Guys, I've implimented Xflow! onto a recent site project, if anyone wants to see it in action. I love how fast and responsive the images scroll through. Paul, you have been great with technical support! Keep up the awesome work,and i'll be sure to check out what else is in the works with you in the future. http://www.iskfcalgary.com

xFlow! Version History

21st April '11 - v2.8
1. Moved 'Social' admin pages into 'New Gallery' admin section
2. Reduced size of admin screens
3. Update to visual style in admin screens
4. Removed Time Zone setting (not needed!)
5. Hot link to a specific item within a gallery from a standard HTML link (use ?goto=n at the end of the gallery URL, where n is the item number you want)
6. Hot link to and OPEN a specific item within a gallery from a standard HTML link (use ?open=n at the end of the gallery URL, where n is the item number you want)
7. Updated JWPlayer and added support for .mov and .mp4 video types
8. Added option to set slideshow delay per gallery (in extended options)
9. Fixed scrollbar and galleries icon menu resize issue
10. Fixed bug that allowed files with no extension to break the zip uploader
11. Minor graphical and grammatical updates
2nd November '10 - v2.7
1. Setting the background color of main xflow div in CSS file will now be picked up and used throughout the app, including during thumbnail generation to ensure colour matches
2. Fixed standards compliance bug when not showing quantities in slidebar
3. Fixed positioning problem in all admin screens
4. Updated style in admin screens
5. Improved help in admin screens
6. Fixed grammatical errors in language file
7. Fixed positioning errors in IE for admin section icons
8. Fixed bug in IE where reordering of items was not easy to achieve
25th September '10 - v2.6
1. Various CSS positioning fixes
2. Updated Longtail video viewer
3. Curved image plain can be set or off
4. Select which image to start on
5. Instructions added into all pages (temporary solution, but was requested)
7th August '10 - v2.5
1. Auto play for videos and audio files
2. Add Auto play checkbox to Gallery Options admin page
3. Added 'Make Default Gallery' to Gallery Options admin page
4. Separated Gallery Options content into tabs
5. Added replacement getElementsBtClassName JS function for IE!
6. Added some IE specific CSS for fieldsets and tabs
7. Added stop controls to media player for IE
2nd August '10 - v2.4
1. Minor updates to styling and layout of main image / video viewer
2. Improved functionality and visual feedback of player controls
3. Updated many class names to be more xflow specific
4. Added audio feature! xFlow! can now accept mp3's along with an image for album art
5. Extract ID3 tag info from uploaded mp3
6. Updated instructions file
2nd August '10 - v2.3
1. True automated update to latest version when you login. Available as an option in the definitions file.
2. Multiple item delete
3. Auto play (turn a gallery into a slide show)
4. Centralised Y axis of image viewer
19th July '10 - v2.2
1. Auto update feature. No more copying files manually!
13th July '10 - v2.1
1. Added default setting for using filenames in gallery
2. Cookie the API string in Flickr panel for persistence
3. Added custom field to images to enable inclusion of own HTML
4. Changed PHP header redirect to meta refresh redirect in login/logout page
5. Fixed menu show bug galleries with no content
6. Improved SEO by moving overlay to bottom of natural code stack
7. Moved item being edited into own tab within editing page
8. Condensed Flickr and Youtube pages into one 'Social' page, for extending later
9. Fixed redirecting bug after deleting a gallery.
10. Fixed logout redirection bug
11. Replaced and enhanced viewer controls.
12. Fixed video resizing bug in viewer
13. Updated definitions file to make for easier installation (no longer need to set URL)
14. Updated Instructions file
29th June '10 - v2.0
1. Fixed bug where the nav arrows in the image viewer were not working in IE
2. Changed main galleries menu style and added a switch in the settings file to allow show or hide with rollover effect
3. Added option in file upload to chose file name to display
4. Updated installation / upgrade instructions
5. Updated the main settings file with new entries
6. Added a loading 'spinner' to all thumbnails when xFlow! is preloading the main images.
7. Added image optimization during all image uploads (manual, Flickr etc)
8. Improved code and function of loading functions.
9. Added option to rotate image into the edit image section.
10. Added the image effects (Sepia, Grey-scale) selector to edit image section.
11. Added the file name to display option into the edit image section.
12. Added option to not show the slidebar per gallery
13. Added option to not show the galleries menu per gallery
7th June '10 - v1.9
1. Utilizes CSS3 image effects to achieve skewed thumbnails
2. Several updates to administration sections to improve work flow
3. Style updates
4. Javascript updates
17th April '10 - v1.8
1. Revamped Administration sections
2. Styling and visual updates
3. Minor bug fixes
15th March '10 - v1.7
1. Completely re-wrote the slidebar code to fix a misalignment bug in Safari on Mac (worked for Safari on PC!).
2. Removed the two IE specific style sheets (yay!)
3rd March '10 - v1.6
1. Updated gallery items admin page with new tabbed panels for image and video upload sections.
2. Fixed a bug in the Flickr upload page (due to Flickr's own API)
3. Fixed and updated some CSS issues
23rd February '10 - v1.5
1. Updated gallery items admin page to allow drag and drop ordering of items (via Scriptaculous)
2. Updated options admin page
3. Updated CSS
25th January '10 - v1.4
1. Updated error screens to use overlay.
2. Updated slider controls and images.
3. Updated CSS.
25th January '10 - v1.4
1. Updated overlay and error reporting functions.
16th January '10 - v1.3
1. Fixed a bug that was making the slider perform incorrectly.
15th January '10 - v1.2
1. Functionality added for automatically creating a gallery from an uploaded ZIP file.
10th January '10 - v1.1
1. Update to the Flickr administration side of xFlow! It can now extract and create galleries for specific sets from any given user.
2. Also addressed some other minor 'niggles' and performance issues in the main JS file.
6th January '10 - v1.0
1. Complete change to image manipulation code
2. Addition of image effects
3. Updates to image viewer
4. Creates favicons per gallery
5. Code streamlining to bump up speed
6. Now supports versioning with notifications of available updates
23rd November '09
1. xFlow! has been given a major facelift, especially in the admin section.
19th November '09
1. Fixed issue xFlow! was having problems after install. It wasn't redirecting properly with no galleries set.
16th November '09
1. Changed the Youtube video loader so that xFlow! no longer downloads the videos and stores them. It simply plays back the videos from YouTube in it's own inbuilt video player. This is due to Youtube now having hi resolution videos that take way to long to download.
This resolution also helps to reduce server load by not hosting the videos on your own website's servers.
You can of course still upload and host your own videos (in FLV format).

xFlow! Usage License

  1. Copyright

    xFlow! is copyright Paul Whitrow (pwhitrow.com), hereafter referred to as the creator of xFlow!.

    You are not allowed to remove any copyright notices found in xFlow!.

  2. Copying and Redistribution

    You may make copies of xFlow! solely for the purpose of maintaining a backup.

  3. Usage

    xFlow! can be purchased securely online here: http://xflow.pwhitrow.com#purchase.

    Payment for xFlow! allows you unlimited use for a single web site.

    You may install and use one copy of xFlow! on a single website. You must acquire and dedicate a licence for each separate website in which xFlow! is installed. A licence for the xFlow! may not be shared or used concurrently on different websites.

  4. Support

    Installation support only is offered to users who have purchased xFlow!. Installation support is offered to assist the installation of the downloaded version of xFlow! on the server only. No support is available when a user chooses to modify the source code of xFlow!.

    xFlow! has been designed to work without requiring adjustment of the source code. Any adjustment made to the source code will not be supported. Configuration of xFlow! for specific installations is only available by specific separate agreement.

  5. Registration of Use

    Although not mandatory, I would be grateful if you would disclose the URI of any web site or sites where you install and use xFlow!.

  6. Modification of xFlow! Code

    The code that xFlow! is composed of may be modified to suit your needs within the terms of this license.

    You may not remove the copyright notices found in the xFlow! source code.

    You must include a hyperlink to the xFlow! Official Site in an official location (e.g. site credits, colophon or case study).

    You may not redistribute a modified version of xFlow!.

  7. Modification of this License

    The terms of this license may be modified at any time. Modification will be announced on the xFlow! home page and you will have a period of 30 days to accept the new terms.

  8. Security

    xFlow! should not be used for the storage of sensitive information.

    xFlow! encrypts passwords to make hacking as difficult as possible. However, the creators of xFlow! offer no warranty or guarantee in support of the encryption. Once installed, the administrator of the application is responsible for choosing a sufficiently secure password.

  9. Liability

    The creator of xFlow! accepts no liability for loss of use, data, or profits, or business interruption as a result of using this application.

    xFlow! does not have a backup facility. It is the owner or webmaster of the web site that uses xFlow! who should make regular backups of the files in case of data loss.

    The creator of xFlow! cannot be held responsible for the type or theme of content that may be uploaded by users within their own web site once they have downloaded and installed xFlow!. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material such as photographs and or images from any source, and written content.

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